Sunday, August 21, 2011

Republican Presidential Candidates and Global Warming

A quick search of YouTube this morning reveals a remarkable diversity of views on Global Warming amongst some of the current Republican presidential candidates.

Rick Perry...

Jon Huntsman...

Mitt Romney...

Michele Bachmann...

Newt Gingrich (from 2007)...


  1. That it's possible to be a clime and/or evolution denier in the US and not be a political pariah but rather a leading candidate for the presidency shows just how broken both politics and science education is.

    Bachmann's statement is so ridiculous it's embarrasing to even dignify it with a response, although maybe it is necessary. So I have, here:

  2. Apologies for the language errors: "climate" not "clime" and "politics and education are" not "is".

  3. Wow, I think Bachmann should enroll in atmos 1020. In fact, all politicians probably should.

  4. Michelle Bachmann should hook herself up to a gas mask that only lets her breath co2 and see if she still thinks its harmfull then.

  5. Here is a list I compiled of what EACH and EVERY one of the present 2012 Republican candidates says about climate change and evolution (with videos, quotes, sources, etc.):