Friday, May 23, 2014

Snirty Dancing

My son was off school today so we decided to beat the weekend rush for first turns in the Wasatch (ha ha) and go for an early morning tour.  Thanks to this winter's dust storms and Alta preparing to improve the trails in the Corkscrew/Nina's Curve area, the base was rather unappetizing.  

Things looked only marginally better a bit further up the mountain as the impacts from this spring's dust storms are readily apparent and the snowcover is quite dirty.  What a shame. 

 The view of a a few lingering patches of "white corn" mixed in with snirt.

Despite the unappealing color, the snow is well consolidated and skied reasonably well.

The forecast hasn't changed much from my Wednesday update, except that the "pesky trough" is perhaps lingering over the state a bit longer.  Looks like some showers and thunderstorms statewide tomorrow, southern and eastern Utah on Sunday, and perhaps some lingering stuff on Monday.  Afternoon will be the most active period.  Give the hit or miss nature of these storms, keep an eye to the sky and practice common sense lightning and weather safety.

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