Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Wild and Crazy Night

Looks like 1.09" of water overnight at Alta-Collins produced only 6" of snow.  That's a water content > 18%.

The Utah Avalanche Center suggests dense graupel fell with the frontal passage.  Further, there was a 105 mile per hour gust on Mount Baldy at 5 am this morning.  Pity any dendrites that fell late in the storm.


  1. You could tell from the Snowbird Snowcam that it was graupel falling last night, so I would say that is 4" of graupel (0.92" of water so I'm not sure I would call that "dense" graupel) and a few inches of snow on top of that.

    1. Thanks Adam. Tim Garrett's Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera would be very useful in an event like this. He's promised real-time images soon.

  2. Snow kept up all afternoon at Alta, nice instability type showers. The wind and graupel, w/ a couple inches of lighter density made for a nice wind buff day. Dr Jim, Your last dendrite was seen in Grand Junction, it was not happy.

  3. Powder is preferred, but steep wind buff is in my top-10 snow surfaces!