Monday, February 6, 2012

Remarkable Storm Splitting

Split flow is now in full control over the western US.  The NAM forecast for the storm that will move into California tomorrow is quite remarkable as it just gets torn to shreds as it moves inland.



  1. So, do you see any hope for a change to a more normal pattern? Aside from that one round of snow a couple of weeks ago, there has been almost nothing.And computer models going a couple of weeks out show more of the same. Arrrgh!!!!Thanks for any thoughts. good or bad.

  2. Maybe this Monday? Long term has a mention of snow, Doctor Jim, your thoughts?

  3. Well-below average precipitation through the weekend (maybe a few flakes on Wednesday-Wednesday night - nothing to get excited about). After that, I see a diverse range of model forecasts and don't care to speculate.