Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Forthcoming Mountain Weather Monograph

It has taken quite a while, but I'm pleased to announced that a new monograph entitled Mountain Weather Research and Forecasting will be published by Springer and available this summer.

The monograph is an outgrowth of a workshop held in Whistler, BC during the summer of 2008 and includes chapters on thermally driven flows, orographic precipitation, numerical weather prediction in complex terrain, downslope winds, etc.  It will also include a chapter on numerical weather prediction and weather forecasting in complex terrain.  Chapter contributors from the University of Utah include Dave Whiteman and myself.  Dave and I will be using it as the textbook for the graduate level mountain meteorology course we will teach this coming fall semester.  


  1. Jim, Would it be useful for unwashed geek?

    1. It's an advanced text and probably most useful for professional meteorologists. If you are looking for something more introductory, Mountain Meteorology by Dave Whiteman is very good.

      There is also Practical Mountain Weather by John Papineau, which is available for free online at