Sunday, February 5, 2012

BDOY (So Far)

It's been a difficult season with limited snow and dangerous avalanche conditions.  My expectations are now well adjusted and we enjoyed what was my Best Day Of the Year (BDOY) at least so far today as we had the high alpine to ourselves and farmed the low-angle powder.  It's tough to look at so much powder on steep slopes, but the potential of a big slide has us Norelco Skiing.  Wondering what that means?  Santa provides a hint below.


  1. Nice powder shot Jim. Looks like Upper Red Pine ?

  2. Drew-surely your knowledge of the Wasatch Range is better than that. My lips are sealed :-).

  3. Hilarious Jim - it's a funny angle...a bit challenging...looking at the geology, the scarred trees - gotta be Maybird?