Saturday, June 23, 2012

Agent 99 Has Arrived

As one of our reader's commented on the previous post, it is unbelievably dry today.  I don't know what the record dew-point depression (the difference between the air temperature and dew point) is at the Salt Lake City Airport, but at 4 PM this afternoon it was 100.4ºF with a dewpoint of 1.4ºF.  Well chief, that gives us an Agent 99 dewpoint depression and a 2% relative humidity.

Some industrious soul needs to process the hourly weather records and see how common a 99ºF dewpoint depression is at KSLC.  My guess is it is extremely rare.  I know that in June, the average afternoon (6 PM) dewpoint is 42ºF, but have never looked at the extremes.

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