Friday, November 26, 2021

Will It Ever Snow Again?

No.  Last night's 0600 UTC GFS below.  Nothing.  Granted its one model and only for 7 days into the future, but if you extrapolate this out it won't ever snow again.  

Did I mention it's also warm?  


  1. So new book title "secrets of the legend of the greatest snow" It really existed, I swear!
    Maybe you could talk about the efficiency/inefficiency of snow making. I always day dream that could be used as a draught mitigator. But it would need to be a lot more efficient, and you need water at least to start.

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  3. I keep my optimism alive by the GFS 14 day forecast. On day 13, it always snows. Always.

  4. Replies
    1. The byline for this blog is "mountain meteorology and snow snobery," so yes :-).

  5. I just received my copy of "What on Earth" from CMES, with a note on your course Atmos 1000, Greatest Snow..." Lots going on in the Dept, good to see. (Dave M, MS'77)