Sunday, July 1, 2018

Clean Air and Incredible Views Never Felt So Good!

What an airmass!  After two weeks of nearly continuous travel, what a treat it was to climb the East Castle today with about the most pristine airmass you will find in Utah in the summer. 

My trip to Beijing was fun and rewarding, but after breathing the smog there, clean air and incredible views like those pictured below never felt so good. 

The Clean Air and Water Acts have paid huge dividends for this country. The Clean Air Act became law in 1970 and was passed by the Senate without a single opposing vote. Let me repeat that. One of the most sweeping and important environmental protection laws passed the Senate without opposition. George H. W. Bush sought to strengthen the act and amendments were passed by an 89-11 vote in the Senate during his presidency. At the time, Mitch McConnell voted for the amendment and said "I had to choose between cleaner air and the status quo. I chose cleaner air."

So do I. The view that we have a choice between a healthy environment or a growing economy is a false dichotomy. Clean air, clean water, a vibrant economy, and high quality of life go hand in hand. 

I look forward to a clean energy and clean air future. 

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