Friday, June 15, 2018

Blog Break

Blogging may be somewhat infrequent over the next couple of weeks as I'm not sure if time and internet connections will allow it.  Keep an eye here from time to time for updates and, given that we are reaching the half-way point of June today without any measurable precipitation...


  1. The odds were indeed in our favor. The airport picked up 0.03 inches last night.

  2. Also: major severe storm just moved through Salt Lake County with half dollar size hail. Looked to have some significant rotation. Possibly a supercell?

  3. Hi Jim, long time reader of the blog and wanted to ask a question regarding the recent significant precipitation event that occurred... hope that you could answer. We were in eastern Idaho on Sunday/Monday on an overnight packraft of the Blackfoot river, and were told the radar for that period estimated as much as 6+" of rain over that period. Do you know a resource that we could use to verify the rainfall?