Sunday, May 6, 2018

That's a Wrap

I've never been a fan of Utah spring skiing.  Often there's a mixture of sticky mush in the sun or crust in the shade.  The transition from carveable to manky is often abrupt.  It's hard to find confidence inspiring spring conditions here. 

This morning at Alta offered up what I think was some of the best spring skiing I've seen in Utah.  High speed groomers on Sugarloaf for a bit first thing, then Collins.  Then, after about 11, things were near ideal on Jitterbug, Stonecrusher, and HighBoy.  They were steep and smooth, firm and carveable.  There were some bumps on HighBoy, but they were round and medium-radius.  At noon, it was time to call it quits and end the lift-served season with a smile on my face.

As far as skiing the rest of the season goes, two words come to mind: Road Trip.  The Wasatch snowpack is going fast and, as can be seen below, is becoming snirty quickly as last weeks snow melts and percolates through the snowpack. 

If you have the time, better (and deeper) spring skiing will probably be found elsewhere over the coming weeks, especially to the north and northwest. 

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