Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Good Spring Break to Be Nimble

I've been surveying the forecasts for spring break and it is looking like a week where you can do just about anything if you are adaptive and pay attention to forecasts.

I think everyone is well aware that the weekend is for skiing in the Wasatch where the snow continues to pile up.  Alta-Collins got 10 inches overnight and has another 4" through 2 PM.  Between the cloud cover and the low temperatures, the snow should be holding up well on higher elevation north aspects.  Over three inches of water has fallen in the last three days, making this one of the more productive storm cycles of the period.  My advice is that you ski until you drop through the weekend.

Monday is a tougher call and one that you will need to make for yourself.  Good skiing may persist, or you might opt to head south for adventures in southern Utah.  It will be a cool day, but sunny statewide.  Tuesday looks spectacular, with upper-level ridging over the state. 

Wednesday looks to be the warmest day of the week for most of the state, but there's a threat of rain spreading into southwest Utah in the latter part of the day.  It's a bit too early to call that, so if you head south, pay attention to forecasts.

Depending on how things play out, it might be wise to be back in Salt Lake for skiing Thursday when we may see a warm storm.  Altitude will be your friend, as it almost always is so late in the season. 

Bottom line: Ski today and tomorrow.  Monday go with your instincts.  Southern Utah Tuesday, then check the forecast and adjust accordingly. 

Being nimble should allow you to maximize your hedonistic pursuits.  I, on the other hand, will be banished to a conference room in Seattle for the week.  Fortunately, there will be real, craft beer on tap each evening to dull the pain.

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