Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ah, the Blessed Steenburgh Effect

Sidelined with a broken bone in my hand this week, you reap the benefits.

Alta Collins has recorded 0.49" of water and 8" of snow through 7 am this morning (the 18" snow interval depth is spurious in the data below, so it's unclear if we may have ticked up or down from the 8" at 6 am).

While not a big storm it's pushing toward my arbitrary "deep powder" threshold of ten inches.  It's also pushing the upper end of predictions.

The radar imagery shows we'll add more to that total, especially in the next hour or two.

Nice to see it snowing in the lowlands as well.  Campus was covered in a thin blanket of white at sunrise this morning.

Make a few turns for me.


  1. NOAA is putting out 18” at Alta on a little over an inch of water. I skied there today and it was all smiles the whole day. I only ski once a week per year due to me living in Louisiana and this was my best day ever! Hard to believe that this little storm put out that much snow, I guess that's the magic of Alta. On the Steenburh Effect, can you imagine if you injured your hand and were out of town? Just kidding of course....hope you heal up soon and can get back on the mountain.

  2. That is what happens when you write a tell all book about the greatest snow's deepest secrets. The greatest snow no longer wants to have anything to do with you. (*grin*)

  3. I broke my ankle 1/11 and have been waiting for the snow to drop. I was told if I can't ski no one can, thought I had power. My posse thanks you for the broke hand. I didn't help them at all.