Saturday, January 13, 2018

Incredible Northern Wasatch Asperatus Display

A trip to the Ogden Valley is almost always worth it in winter and that was especially true today when we were blessed with an incredible display of asperatus clouds over Ben Lomond Peak.

Rather than call them asperatus clouds, I've always thought they should be called "dementor clouds" after the dementors in Harry Potter. 

The drive home wasn't bad either with a good display over Thurston Peak.

If you are looking for snow for cross-country skiing, North Fork Park is often the place to find it as they get a remarkable amount of snowfall.  They were able to get out and do some grooming last night and while conditions were variable, they were fun.  Even in areas where they didn't groom, the conditions were tolerable. 

For $6 you can't go wrong, and we saw only a few people once we left the yurt.  Plus, the views of Ben Lomond and Willard Peak never disappoint. 

More info at Ogden Nordic's web site

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