Sunday, December 3, 2017

Storm Chasing Update

Prefrontal southerlies are cranking over the Salt Lake Valley, which is filled with dust as I write this just afternoon. 

We have a complicated day/night of storm chasing ahead of us.  The Doppler on Wheels is currently deployed near Daybreak where we hope that the skies are dusty enough to give us a nice picture of the cold-front penetration through the Salt Lake Valley.  We are also hoping that behind the front we will eventually get some precipitation for observing some of the interactions between the Oquirrhs and the Wasatch Range, as well as fine-scale precipitation structures in the central Wasatch. 

After this evening, we still haven't figured out what the heck we're gonna do.  The model are advertising the passage of a secondary trough during the late night hours.  At 1000 UTC (3 AM MST), the trough is pushing through the Bountiful area in the 1700 UTC initialized HRRR forecast. 

We may have some orographic snow showers and possibly some lake effect as well, but the devil is in the details.  Thus, we have some consternation about where to put the DOW.  It is a mobile platform, but we can do better science if we can operate in one area for an extended period.  We'll see what happens.  I've mentioned that this is a crapshoot enough already.

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