Sunday, December 24, 2017

Much Needed Tailwind for Santa This Year

With a full-latitude, high-amplitude ridge parked over and just north of Alaska, Santa will have a much needed tailwind after taking off from the North Pole for Utah.  Just check out the strong northerly jet stream (green contours) that will rocket him southward from the North Pole and across much of western Canada tonight! 

That tailwind is a godsend because the reindeer will need to be fresh when they arrive in northern Utah.  With clouds and precipitation along much of the Wasatch Front and in the Wasatch Mountains, they will have a difficult job, even with Rudolph leading the team.  Mountain snow will reduce visibility and, with temperatures climbing, Santa may encounter a rain/snow mix or even a bit of rain in the lower elevations, depending on the timing of his deliveries.

Rumor has it that Santa is considering hanging around and skiing freshies tomorrow at Alta.  Apparently he was spotted yesterday. 

It's rare for Santa to leave the North Pole at this critical time of year, but given the rarity of powder this year, he told the elves to buckle down and cover for him for a couple of hours as he needed a fix to lift the spirit before Christmas.

Happy Holidays from the Wasatch Weather Weenies!


  1. Good call on yesterday's storm 'overperforming'.

  2. It's snowing in Eden. Thank you Santa. 1.5 inches so far at 5500 ft 9:30 pm.