Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Escape to Cooler Climates

One of the pluses of having family in Alaska is the opportunity to escape Utah during the heat of summer.  I've heard reports of a high of 100ºF at KSLC today, but here in Ketchikan, we'll probably top out at 74.  I've seen it rain sideways here for a week, but this trip, it appears we've hit the lottery.  We're especially fortunate as I've heard that so far this summer the weather here has been miserable even by local standards.  

Today my son and I spent a few hours on the high alpine ridge above Ketchikan and beyond Deer Mountain.  I've always wanted to explore that ridge, but weather, injury, or time constraints prevented exploration beyond the summit of Deer Mountain until today.  Spectacular stuff!

Ketchikan from the summit of Deer Mountain
Beyond Deer Mountain 
Above George and Carroll Inlets

Traveling on snow because we can

Blue Lake

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