Monday, August 15, 2016

Weather Monotony

By and large we are embedded in and will continue to be dominated for the next few days by a fairly boring weather pattern characterized by light flow aloft, the passage of a large-scale "ripple" now and then, and perhaps a few showers or a thunderstorm here or there.  Perhaps one of those thunderstorms will prove exciting, but otherwise weather monotony will predominate.

A quick update on our quest for the hottest summer on record.  Through yesterday, we are in a dead heat with 2013.
Source: NOAA Regional Climate Centers

Everything will depend on how things evolve over the next couple of weeks.


  1. I'm curious as to why we are seeing strong katabatic winds right now. 9:15 pm. Any insight?

    1. Probably some sort of gust front/outflow boundary and not just katabatic, but I confess I haven't looked.