Saturday, August 13, 2016

They Grow Up Too Fast

Today was my final hike with my son Erik before he moves into the dorms at the University of Utah tomorrow.  Due to packing and last minute purchases, time was tight, so we opted for a quick ascent to the Salt Lake Overlook in Mill Creek Canyon.

Words cannot describe the myriad of feelings I have this weekend.  Pride, excitement, and joy as he heads off on this new adventure.   Melancholy as I experience this parenthood transition.  Life surely does fly by in the blink of an eye.  It seems like only yesterday I was showing him the routes in the Avenues foothills.

With all ends come new beginnings.  Although he was accepted at many great schools, the U was an obvious choice for a strong student who craves outdoor adventures.  Plus, shopping for schools gave me new appreciation for just what a bargain the University of Utah is (Confession: Dependents of faculty members and full-time U employees also get a 50% tuition reduction).

I'm hoping he's having so much fun that he's home sparingly, but hungry enough he lets me treat him to lunch and hear about his adventures every couple of weeks.


  1. Good luck to Erik (and you, Jim). I know how you feel. My youngest son is off to college next week and today he and his brother and I hiked a 14er (Mt. Sherman) as our final hurrah.

  2. Good luck to both of you! Did the same Saturday up Pfeifferhorn with my youngest daughter, graduated from the U and now starting Vet school in Logan.
    Steve (another Avenues resident).