Sunday, August 28, 2016

Northwest Utah on Wrong Side of Tracks Again

Did you know that the high yesterday in St. George was 85ºF.  Cedar City reached only 71ºF!  Oh to experience a day like that.  Then there was that tornado in Panguich on Friday.  What gives?

Not much really.  Northwest Utah has simply been just to the north of the monsoon moisture and the weak disturbances that have helped to initiate thunderstorm activity for most of the summer.  Indeed that was the case yesterday.  As the analysis for 1200 UTC (0600 MDT) yesterday morning shows, a weak trough was centered right over St. George with clouds over most of the southern half of the state.  Once again, we were left high and dry.

I would give anything for grey overcast with steady rain all day.  Until that day comes, I'm resigned to listening to Natalie Merchant and dreaming.

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  1. Any word on whether the Panguitch tornado was simply a cold-air funnel (or concentration of other localized vorticity) that touched the ground, or was the result of a supercell thunderstorm?