Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gradual Cool Down Thankfully Coming

Fall can't come soon enough.  Yesterday's high at the Salt Lake City airport reached 98ºF and was followed by a minimum last night (through 6 AM MDT) of only 74ºF.  Mother Nature really teased us last night as temperatures dropped quickly after 7 PM, but hopes of cool air pouring through the windows were quickly dashed as temperatures flatlined near 80ºF for much of the night.

Source: MesoWest
Today and tonight will probably be near repeats with a high near 98ºF and a low tonight in the mid 70s.  There is hope in the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm.  If you one of the chosen ones to receive rain and evaporatively cooled air, consider yourself fortunate.

The good news is that a gradual cool down is coming.  The GFS 700-mb temperature and wind analysis and forecast loop below shows the slow movement of cooler air associated with the upper-level trough presently over the Pacific Northwest into northern Utah later this week into Saturday morning.

Emphasis, however, on gradual.  Temperatures will be a bit cooler than today on Thursday and Friday, but highs will still likely be in the 90s.  Labor Day Weekend, however, looks quite pleasant.  If you will be in Salt Lake and environs, I think you will like it.

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