Saturday, July 2, 2016

Remembering Epic Fourth of July Skiing

It's hard to believe given how little snow exists in the Wasatch today, but five years ago this weekend Snowbird was still open and had one of their biggest days ever on July 4.

A look at the SNOTEL data from Snowbird shows just how big of a season that was.  Snowpack water equivalent peaked at about 75 inches, nearly double median and well above this past season.  On July 2nd, there was still about 20 inches of water in the snowpack, more typical of early June than early July.

Source: NWS
My son and I weren't in Utah.  Instead, we toured three days in Mt. Rainier National Park, which had also had an amazing year.  

Enjoy the 4th and hope for better snow years and cooler springs!

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