Thursday, April 28, 2016

This Is the Biggest Storm Cycle of the Season

Here's one for you.  When did we have the biggest storm cycle of the ski season?  December?  January? February?


The answer is right now, and it isn't even close. 

The chart below shows the running 5-day accumulation of water equivalent at the Snowbird SNOTEL station since October.  In terms of water equivalent, the 5-day accumulated total through today is 4.3 inches.  The next highest is December 25th with 2.8 inches.

All I can say is what an event, especially Tuesday and Tuesday night when we picked up 16 inches and about 2.25 inches of water at Alta-Collins.  Although snow was in the forecast, that was impressive.

And we got a bit more last night and will get a bit more today.  Note the inexact terms "a bit more."  I'm feeling beaten and battered by these closed lows and their whimsical precipitation patterns.


  1. So...what you're saying is if this came during Dec, Jan or Feb it would probably equate to 6ft of pow???