Tuesday, September 8, 2015

European Tidbits

After a weekend of sightseeing, I'm back in the US, but not quite back to Salt Lake City.  For my students who are reading this, yes, I should be back in time to teach class.  For the rest of you, here are a few photos.

Bicycles are everywhere.  The photo below was taken at the train station in Salzburg.

Surprisingly, few people wear helmets.  I think that's one custom I won't adopt.  

Speaking of alternate forms of transport, I'm sure this horse is grateful for the waterproof and breathable hard shell.  

Austria: Where the meat is meat and the vegetables are wrapped in bacon.

Schnee!  Yup, winter is coming. 

Our travel to Munich followed the main corridor of refugee migration to Germany.  Mrs. Powder Professor was able to lend a hand to one extremely polite Syrian family.

On the train to Munich, I saw one refugee in tears.  Heartbreaking.

Our train in Munich was met by the Polizei, who segregated the refugees into a different area.  All was peaceful and this process occurred without incident.  Their future, however, remains uncertain.

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