Saturday, September 5, 2015

Alpine Snow

There's little reason to watch the tube while in Europe, except for the panorama feed, which provides live images from the various mountain resorts.  It's hard not to turn this on in the morning and sometimes they can be quite useful for planning daily excursions.

On Thursday morning, I was given the special treat of turning on the panorama feed and seeing snow.

The image was from 3212 m above the Senales Valley in the South Tirol of northern Italy, just south of the border with Austria.  Never been there, but I'll add it to the growing list of places to visit in the Alps.  

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  1. Hey! We've got a forecast for possibility of snow in high regions of Northern Idaho and extreme NW Montana.

    Meanwhile, we have high winds and fire weather alerts for the U of U campus.

    (By the way, I got my student ID last week. I've got a pretty good range now: Indiana University, Harvard Law and OSHER at U of U! Proud of them all -- I even rooted for U of U and against the BigTen. The U won!)