Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shockingly Average Weather Threatens Utah!

After a winter of warmth, a May of rain, and a scorching June, shockingly average weather now threatens all of Utah.  "We're totally used to extremes," said one local, who was considering a move to Antarctica because, "it's just too boring here."  One meteorologist exclaimed, "we thought that climate was what to expect, but weather was what you get.  This pattern just sucks!"

The July upper-level flow climatology features an upper level ridge centered over Texas (105 W, 32.5 N), a trough just off the west coast, and Utah in southwesterly large scale flow.

Long term mean 500-mb height.  Source: ESRL.
And here's how things looked yesterday afternoon.  Ridge over Texas, trough along the west coast, and Utah in southwesterly large-scale flow.  Not quite a perfect match, but close enough for Rock 'n' Roll.

And the net result?  High and low temperatures yesterday at the Salt Lake City airport of 91 and 70 (close to the averages of 93 and 65), some afternoon clouds, and a thunderstorm here or there.  Ho hum.  And the NWS forecast through the end of the work week?  Fairly seasonal.

Source: NWS
Really, this weather is just splendid.  These are tolerable temperatures for July.

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