Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Freshies Forecast Lookin' Good!

Things are coming together for several inches of fresh today and tonight in the upper-elevations of the Wasatch for those of you who still feel the need to feed the habit (count me in).

As of 7:45 this morning, all was relatively quiet over the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Mountains to the east.  Given the southwesterly pre-frontal flow, an orographic cloud hung over Lone Peak and the downstream central Wasatch Mountains.

However, a glance to the west shows the Oquirrhs shrouded in cloud cover and light snow.  A harbinger of things to come?

Indeed, the regional radar looks optimistic with returns to our west that will slowly spread over the area and into the central Wasatch this morning. 

Source: NCAR/RAL
The NAM calls for valley rain and high elevation snow this afternoon.  Below is the accumulated snow-water equivalent from 3PM to 6 PM MDT.  No yard work today!

And the grid point output for Alta shows about 0.75" of SWE and a bit over 6 inches of snow from late this morning through midnight tonight.  

Thus, things look good for creamy May freshies in the upper elevations late today and first thing tomorrow morning.  It won't be the Greatest Snow on Earth, but who cares.  It's May.  

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