Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot and Dusty

We've largely been spared of dust storms so far this spring, but that changed today.
Dust partially obscures the view of the Wasatch Mountains from the Avenues Foothills at 2:50 PM.
A MODIS image taken earlier today shows that the most likely source of this dust for the Salt Lake Valley is the Sevier Lake Bed, plus a couple of point sources just to the east in the Sevier Desert.
Source; NASA
During my hike from about 2 to 3 PM, a cold front pushed into the Salt Lake Valley.  Note the shift in surface winds from southerly to northwesterly in both the Tooele and Salt Lake Valleys below. 

Source: MesoWest
By the time I got home, the central Wasatch south of Mount Olympus were completely obscured.  One often sees high dust concentrations along cold fronts and troughs due to the convergent flow.  

Welcome to spring!

Addendum @ 6:20 PM

Later MODIS image showing plume penetration to southern Salt Lake Valley.

Source: NASA

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