Sunday, April 26, 2015

Good Late Season Snow – With Dense Fog

There was some good upper-elevation snow to be had today, but visibility was about as nasty as it can get in the Wasatch.  I opted for a tour in the Supreme area and was glad I did as the trees were essential.  Conditions were quite good above about 9500 feet.

I returned to Alta only to discover that I had actually been transported to the Cascades.  That's the Albion and Sunnyside lifts from the Albion Grill.  Visibility perhaps 150 meters.

The high humidity air made for some nice hoar frost on my son's hair.  Not sure if the vapor source was the atmosphere or his perspiration.  He is a teenager after all.

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  1. Below the cloud base, visibility was excellent yesterday. I went on cross-country ski tour up in the Provo hills behind Y mountain and Lamb's head and could see all the way to the Great Salt Lake and far beyond. There was up to 1 ft of new snow on top of the dust layer.