Sunday, April 19, 2015

Closing Day (#1)

It was the first closing day of the season at Alta today.  Although the freshies are gone, the turns were quite good and you could carve a hell of a trench for much of the afternoon.

As usual, costumes and revelry prevailed for the day.

Special thanks to this dude for throwing in some old-school air and for keeping his clothes on.

Snirty snow is already making an appearance in wind scoured and sun exposed areas.  A brown spring is in our future.

There was something in the air throughout the day obscuring the views.  I was wondering if it was smoke from the Siberian fires.  Perhaps one of you out there can take a look and comment.

Now is a good time to say thanks to all the avy pros, patrollers, snowmakers, groomers, and lifties for their exceptional efforts this difficult snow year.

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  1. I have noticed smoke the last couple of days also, and not just in the local area. At first I thought maybe some Gobi Desert dust was obscuring the sky since this is about the peak of the season for that, but from its appearance I can tell that at least some of it is smoke. I can also smell a little smoke in the air this morning. There are a few isolated fires in the western U.S. but I don't know if those are contributing much or if it's from much farther away like you suggest.