Friday, March 13, 2015

The Spring Break Forecast

There's nothing quite like the beaches of the Great Salt Lake during spring break (ha ha)!  Photo: Emerald View Resorts.
Spring break is upon us and college students will be flocking to the shores of the Great Salt Lake for some hard-core partying.  

Ooops, this is Utah.  Spring break is about recreating, meaning skiing, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.  Looks like you will be able to do any of these this week.

The flow over the area is expected to be characterized by ridging or split flow through the end of next week.  Below is the medium range guidance for Wednesday afternoon.

Source NWS
Such a pattern means above average temperatures will likely prevail for the period.  This weekend will be especially warm and looks marvelous statewide, with temperatures well above average (We may crack 70 on at the Salt Lake airport on Sunday).  Sunblock!

Overall, precipitation should be below normal through the period, but there are a few wrinkles to consider.  Although this weekend looks nice, the stormtrack, while weak, is just to our north and northwest and does flirt with the norther portion of the state early next week.  Right now, it looks like we'll stay warm and dry through Tuesday except for perhaps a few showers near the Utah–Idaho border.  

Although we're in split flow, there are a couple of weak troughs that may bring a threat of showers to the state midweek.  Below is the forecast from the GFS for Wednesday afternoon showing the moisture and shower activity.  We'll have to see how this comes together, but keep an eye on the forecasts and adjust your adventuring accordingly.  Right now, I doubt there will be a major dumpage for skiers.  At least there will be corn to harvest the next few days.   

Beyond that, the forecasts currently call for mild temperatures and drier weather later next week, with a possible trough approaching during the weekend.  That's so far out that I suggest you check the forecast midweek and adjust your plans accordingly.  By and large, however, it looks like there will be plenty of opportunity to do just about anything, other than deep powder skiing, during the spring break period.  

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  1. Hahaha! Love the picture of the beach on the shores of the Great Salt Lake! :)