Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Final Piece Is Upon Us

A wall of snow in the northwest Salt Lake Valley at 7:40 AM this morning 
Roughly a foot of snow has fallen as of 7 am in the upper Cottonwoods with the final piece of the storm about to move into both the Salt Lake Valley and the central Wasatch.  The analysis below shows the secondary trough and accompanying band of precipitation over the Great Salt Lake at 7 am.  

The radar loop below covers the period from 6:11 AM to 7:34 AM.  The Salt Lake Valley has had a bit of a break during this period.  Notice how the radar echoes tend to persist over the Stansbury, Oquirrh, and Wasatch Mountains, with little happening over the intervening valleys.  That will change once the trough pushes in and the flow shifts to northwesterly.  Expect snow for the latter half of the commute and for a good part of the morning.

In the central Wasatch, the front will bring a burst of heavy snowfall to the entire central Wasatch.  I suspect this will add another 5-8" to the storm totals so far.  Others are going for more and while I can't rule that out, I'm concerned the storm will shutdown fairly quickly after noon.  I'm sure you won't complain if my forecast is conservative.  

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