Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Radar Potpourri and an Unbelievable Photo

So much cool stuff today.  Here's more from radar and a photo that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

It's quite unusual for a front to blow through the Wasatch like there's nothing there, but that's largely what happened this morning.  The radar image below, for 9:51 AM MST, shows a well formed frontal precipitation band approaching extending from the eastern Uintas southwestward across the Wasatch Range and Utah Valley.  Terrain blockage of the beam prevents analysis of the frontal band further north.

Now, check out the radar loop that ends at the time above and watch the frontal band move through the Wasatch Range and eventually become a distinct feature in the lee.

The other cool thing is the very intense area of precipitation along the front just to the west (or arguably over the western slopes) of the Wastach.  You can see it in the top image as an area of yellow (i.e., radar reflectivity > 35 dBZ) along the front.

And, this from @skitheu showing what I suspect is the front pushing into the mouth of Little Cottonwood.  OMG!

Source; @skitheu


  1. Had just started my run when the storm hit. I had an inch of snow on my driveway by the time I got back to my house an hour later. Craziness!

  2. That picture reminds me of the movie Dante's Peak.