Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Long-Range Forecast

The long-range forecast continues to suggest that we will have to live with whatever we can get the next couple of weeks.  The Global Ensemble Forecast System forecast for 1200 UTC next Thursday is below and the ensemble mean and nearly all of the ensemble members show the dreaded high-over-low block.

We do have a chance of snow tonight through tomorrow morning, and some of the models suggest we might see something "slip through the net" in the coming days.  If we get it, take advantage of it as beggars can't be choosers in a pattern like this.  

Speaking of snow, check out Boston.  They have had 48" since January 24.  Rumors are that the New England Patriots will be towed by Reindeer drawn sleighs for their victory parade.


  1. Coming out to ski Park City mid-Feb from Boston.....and starting to wonder why!

    1. The last I checked, there isn't 3000 vertical feet of skiing in Boston...

    2. I'm visiting SLC this weekend, and with this warm weather and heavy snow the last couple of days, where would you be skiing?

  2. At least it seems like any potential for a bad inversion episode is pretty much done with, given how much the valleys have warmed up. Although with a glance at the long-range outlook I am almost afraid we might be mowing the lawn by the end of February.