Friday, February 6, 2015

Crazy Warm (Again!)

The Heat Miser is in total control over northern Utah.  Source: RankinBass
Yesterday's high of 65ºF at the Salt Lake City Airport was not only a record for the day, but the earliest 65ºF observed for the calendar year.

We'll make a run at records again today.  The record for the day is 63 and anything above 65 would also be a record earliest observed for the calendar year.

I've been in DC all week participating in a winter weather forecast experiment being run by the National Weather Service.  It's been cold with no snow here.  Looking forward to returning to valley warmth and mountain snow, even if the latter isn't of our usual high standards.


  1. Cold Miser is in full control in Upstate New York. He is sending more snow too.

  2. what's the chance we'll get 70ºF at SLC in February?