Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Time to Head South

The highest elevations of Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah, and southern Colorado will be getting some late Thursday through Saturday thanks to moisture streaming into the region from the south and east as shown in the integrated water vapor and 850-mb wind forecast for 0600 UTC 30 Jan (late Thursday).

This leads to the development of wide-spread precipitation across the region. as illustrated by the forecast below for 1800 UTC (1100 MST) Friday 30 January.

The northern Utah mountains are skunked in the forecast for that time and that is largely the case through the weekend, although we may see a few lingering snow showers today and then perhaps a stray snow shower or two through Friday.  Although a few inches fell in the northern Wasatch last night (the central Wasatch go the shaft), it appears we will make it through January with only one major storm.  What a pity.

Those of you considering a southern road trip should keep an eye on the forecasts.  It's a complex system and the timing and intensity of snowfall will vary by location and I can't possibly hope to summarize that here!


  1. Any thoughts on next week's possible storm?

    1. It's still a ways out. Bulk of the ensemble members are calling for the meat and potatoes to remain to our north, but a few give us some action. It's far enough out that it bears watching, but at this stage I'm expecting little but hoping for the best.