Saturday, January 31, 2015

Don't Be So Colorado!

Yesterday afternoon my twitter feed became populated with claims of everything from great powder to free refills in the Wasatch.  Is this really what it has come to?

I know things have been really really hard this January, but buck up.  This is Utah not Colorado!  We don't get excited about snow until we hit English measurement double digits, meaning 10 inches or more.  We thumb our noses at metric measurement double digits, meaning 10 cm (4 inches), something that nobody even reached yesterday.  I'm sure the 2–3 inches of snow that fell on the Park City side improved the skiing, but you are snow snobs.  Don't stoop to such levels!

A few more ensemble members and the GFS have recently shifted to pulling the storm track further south and giving us some action Tuesday and Wednesday.  Keep your fingers crossed that the low probability outcome discussed in the post from Thursday verifies.  Sometimes Mother Nature does roll snake eyes.


  1. I'm with you Prof, but after 4 low seasons when do we just start calling this the new normal?

    Don't want to be a cynic, here's hoping Feb pulls is back into normal range!

  2. Alta - 194" YTD snowfall
    Vail - 176"
    Park City - 100"

    Throw us CO folks a bone, its not that bad :)