Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tropical Aftermath and UAC Survey

Blue skies prevail over the Wasatch Front this morning, marking an end to our latest flirtation with the tropics.  This weeks monsoon surge produced some incredible flooding and videos, such as the one below from Shane Dukeman in the Virgin River Gorge (Warning: Disturbing scenes and strong language).  The status of the man who disappears with the van is unknown, but officials in Nevada report no deaths.

With the tropical airmass gone, it's time to start thinking about skiing again.  The Utah Avalanche Center (UAC) is currently conducting a survey on avalanche danger ratings.  Please consider taking the two minute survey at at  In addition to their usual clientele, they are especially interested in hearing from individuals who are not already familiar with their danger ratings.


  1. I heard that there was flood-related damage in two different places on I-15 (some in the Virgin River Gorge and also near Moapa, a little north of Las Vegas). I believe that this one is the Moapa video. I was trying to find some good photos of the aftermath, just curious to see if I-15 was completely washed out or exactly what happened there.

  2. Those people are okay. The guy who jumped in broke his wrist.