Monday, September 22, 2014

A Look Inside Secrets

Click here for a look inside my forthcoming book Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth.  Utah State University Press did a great job putting it together.  It will be released in November, but you can advance purchase it at Utah State University Press or Amazon

I'm hoping to make use of figures and diagrams from the book as we explore mountain weather this winter.  Here's one to get you excited.  Do you remember October 2004, which produced 122 inches at Alta and enabled Brighton to open on October 29?  Many described October 31, 2004, when a major lake-effect snowstorm erupted, as the best day of October skiing ever.  Radar image below.

Source: Radar image from 9:24 am 31 October 2004.  Removal of ground
clutter causes the "holes" over the high ridges surrounding the Cottonwood
Canyons.  Source: Steenburgh (2014).


  1. Six foot base in Grizzly Gulch. I remember it fondly. Maybe it'll happen again some time.

  2. Thanks for the teaser. I was at work and couldn't stop reading it. :)