Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Eye Candy

The loop below was sent to me by David Yorty and shows a beautiful mesovortex over the corrugated topography of southern Idaho's Caribou Highlands near Twin Falls last night.  Note the echo free "eye."  Our cup runneth over with beautiful convective storms (at least by Great Basin standards).


  1. Almost unbelievably, the same mesovortex is still there this morning, having drifted a little further west over the past 24 hours, embedded within a larger synoptic-scale band of precipitation. It brought another 2+ inches of rainfall to parts of southern Idaho overnight including the Twin Falls area, which is under a flood warning. There is still a large area of moderate to heavy rainfall there with the circulation center just SW of Twin Falls this morning. Some of these areas have had over five times their normal August precipitation in little more than 24 hours.

  2. Ha, weather porn.