Friday, August 22, 2014

Flirting with Snow

Source: NWS
If you search hard enough in the forecast grids for the Wasatch Mountains this morning, you can find a few locations with a predicted rain/snow mix for tomorrow (see above).  

The cause is an approaching mid-latitude trough that will be over northern Utah tomorrow.  

Temperatures on Saturday are low enough that snow levels in the GFS drop to as low as 10,500 feet.

This is also a situation in which heavy precipitation can develop, which often results in a temporary lowering of the snow level.  Further, the gold-standard ECMWF model is even cooler than the GFS, so don't be surprised if you see flakes on the high peaks this weekend.

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  1. Camped near Amethyst Lake TH last night - it rained heavily for about ten hours followed by an hour or more of heavy wet snow. Snowed through the night at altitude leaving the western Uinta peaks entirely white. Made for a miserable night, but quite a beautiful site this morning.
    Looking back from Wyoming side