Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Very Refreshing!

Some of yesterday's storm activity in the Wasatch Mountains
The juicy tap delivered a refreshing evening last night with widespread rain and thunderstorms along the Wasatch Front and across much of Utah.  Integrated precipitable water, the depth of water in an atmospheric column if it were all precipitated as rain, reached nearly 4 cm yesterday afternoon, which is fairly high for northern Utah.  Values remain high this morning.  
Observations from the Salt Lake City Airport show how temperatures dropped from a high of 92ºF early yesterday afternoon to about 68ºF with the onset of rain in the afternoon.

Source: MesoWest
Since then, temperatures remained nearly flatlined at 68ºF.  Further, dewpoints are currently sitting around 64ºF.  That's very high for northern Utah.  I don't know what the record dewpoint is for the Salt Lake City Airport, but I think the highest dewpoint I can remember seeing there since moving here in late 1995 is 68ºF.  Maybe an adventurous student out there can rifle through the records.

It looks like a cool, humid day (by Utah standards) is on tap today with some showers and thunderstorms.  How refreshing!


  1. Just a thought. Does lightning science full under the purview of meteorology or physics?

    1. The answer to your question is "yes." Meteorology is a very interdisciplinary science. Lightning research is conducted by meteorologists, physicists, and engineers.