Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Juicy Aftermath

A blanket of stratus obscures the Wasatch in the aftermath of two days of monsoonal rains
What a great couple of days.  Cooler temperatures and high humidities have done wonders for my skin and my disposition.  Let's have a look at some of the more remarkable aspects of the event.

Integrated precipitable water reached nearly 1.4 inches.  Although not a record, this is beyond the 99th percentile for the month and more than 3 standard deviations above the mean.  

Source: NWS
Given that we live in a region that is typically fairly dry, but punctuated by occasional monsoon surges with high moisture contents, one needs to be cautious in interpreting these moisture statistics.  That being said, I think it is safe to conclude this was a fairly juicy event, but there's been juicier.  

Dewpoints at the Salt Lake City airport have been at or above 58ºF now for 36 hours, with peaks at 65ºF yesterday morning and this morning.  A couple more mornings like this and I'll save a fortune on skin cream. 

Source: MesoWest
Preliminary maximum storm accumulation reports by region include 0.71" in Logan (Cache Valley), 1.73" in Corinne (northern Wasatch Front), 1.37"in Sandy (Salt Lake Valley), 1.32" in Levan (southern Wasatch Front), .83" in Cedar Mountain (Western Deserts), 1.64" near Morgan (Wasatch Mountain Valleys), 1.81" at Red Spur (Wasatch Mountains north of I-80), .65" at Alta–Collins (Wasatch Mountains south of I-80), 1.23" at Norway (Uinta Mountains), .35" in Duschesne (Uinta Basin), .18" at the Carbon County Airport (Castle Country), 1.12" at San Pete Reservoir (San Pete/Sevier Valleys), 1.31" in Fillmore (west-central Utah), and Ok, that's enough!

Basically, this wasn't a hit or miss event.  There were wide-spread variations in accumulations, but nearly everyone got something and there weren't any outrageous accumulations, although it is possible that the gauges missed something.  For example, there was a strong, stationary cell near Eureka yesterday afternoon, as well as another northwest of Eagle Mountain in Utah County, that may have put down more than indicated in the observations above. There was some localized flooding in places, including Eagle Mountain, but for the most part, we were spared the really nasty stuff.  

Still a chance of some showers and thunderstorms today, although they should be more scattered.  

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  1. There has also been a lot of apparent lake effect or lake enhanced shower and thunderstorm activity the last day or so, and not exclusively at night. The best I saw, however, was after midnight last night with a strong cell containing frequent lightning over SE corner of the lake, and multiple other cells forming over the lake also. I picked up another 0.38" of rain overnight as some of this drifted into the SL valley and weakened. My 2-day total is now 1.42" (Taylorsville).