Friday, July 11, 2014

News Tidbits

A couple of items of note in today's Salt Lake Tribune.  The first is an article about a wind-whipped structure fire on at a mulch plant near 3300 South and I-15, which was apparently the 2nd in a week at the facility.  When I think of fire weather, I typically think of wildland fires, but clearly the wind made firefighting work difficult last night.  Here's a view of the smoke plume from the avenues as the sunset.

It was a spectacular scene with the sun setting and dark storm clouds forming a backdrop, but this isn't the sort of thing that one wants to see on a day with gusty thunderstorm winds.  Really, the fire couldn't have been sparked at a worst time.  The photo above was taken at 2003 MDT.  As shown in the graphs below from a nearby weather station along I-15, a thunderstorm outflow boundary passed about a half hour earlier, resulting in sustained southerly winds reaching 30 mph, with gusts to over 45.

Source: MesoWest
The second item is an article on discussions to potentially change Utah's time standards.  Apparently some people aren't too happy with the spring and fall switch to and from daylight savings time.  This is an issue that I've discussed before and I'm personally a big fan of savings time and the late sunset during the spring, summer, and fall.  Whether you agree with me or not, go to and share your opinion on the topic.  Sorry, there is no option to abandon a local time and just use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) like meteorologists do :-(.

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