Saturday, May 10, 2014

That's All She Wrote?

Some good turns were had at upper elevations today
My balky back has kept me from ski touring for most of the year, but I felt unusually spry this morning so I got out to sample some of Mother Nature's late-season offerings.  I was glad I did.  For May 10th, the skiing was just fine with some heavy powder above 9500 feet and some surprisingly smooth Cascade concrete at lower elevations.  The tracks in the Baldy Main Chute above aren't mine, but show why it pays to never give up on the ski season.  Further, we've now buried the dust layer under a couple inches of water equivalent, so maybe we'll have a few days of decent "white" corn once things start to warm up.

There's a decent chance that this weekend will provide our last flirtation with freshies for the season.  A monster ridge builds in over the west next week.

Although there's always the possibility of a cold storm in late May or June, perhaps that's all she wrote for the 2013–14 powder season.  Let's hope 2014–15 is better!

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