Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oh Sill Hill

The Santa Ana wind event in California has brought some impressive winds to the mountains of southern California.

Sill Hill is located just to the west of Cuyamaca Peak and observed some intense downslope winds on the 29th and 30th, with a peak gust of 101 mph.

Note the strong day to night variations in wind speed, with winds increasing overnight, reaching a maximum in the morning, and then decreasing during the afternoon.  This is very similar to the behavior of downslope wind storms along the Wasatch Front.  

The map below shows the situation just before Sill Hill hit 101 (Sill Hill is the site with an east wind and a gust, indicated by the numbers, of 98 mph just left of center in the image).  Note the intense flow on the west side of Cuyamaca Peak.  

I'm off to graduation festivities.  Congrats to all the new U of U graduates.

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  1. What causes the strong diurnal variation in wind speed? Is it boundary layer deepening, sea breeze penetrating deeply inland?