Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let's Be Careful Out There

I suspect there won't be many people out and about in the Wasatch Backcountry the next few days, but if you are heading out, let's be careful out there.  Conditions are ripe for wet spring slides.  Over the past week, the snowfall at upper-elevations contained about 3 inches of water, quite a dumpage for May when you consider that the monthly average precipitation for May at Alta is 3.86 inches.  

Source: Alta-Collins
Now we are going to warm it up.  Temperatures in the upper elevations will be climbing each day for the rest of the week and the nightly freeze will become weaker and weaker.  Temperatures at 11,000 feet will be solidly in the 40s by late Thursday through Saturday, and it will be much warmer than that at lower elevations.
The gradual rise is perhaps better than an abrupt shift, but still, one needs to be cautious when going from big spring dumpage to a big spring warmup.

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