Friday, May 9, 2014

A "Neutrogena" Morning

When you live in the dry, skin parching environment of Utah, you learn to savor days like this.  With a steady rain falling this morning, the dewpoint at the Salt Lake City Airport reached 44ºF, which is wonderful for the lungs and skin.  This higher humidity has been in place now for about 3 days, serving as nature's natural Neutrogena.

The radar loop shows your classic spring situation with areas of precipitation and some areas of stronger returns.  The showery weather looks to continue through midday, with perhaps a thunderstorm.   

I'm tempted to go home and grab my skis for a quick tour as there's already two inches at Alta (as of 8 am) with more to come.  Tough to say if the snow will hold up with the day time heating and the potential for some solar heating in the precipitation gaps, but such is the fickle nature of spring skiing.  If only the weather cams look more like this in December and January when the sun angle was lower.

It's the time of year when many people make weekend trips to southern Utah.  It's looking like that might be a tough go this weekend.  The models are forecasting a major storm for southern and eastern Utah Saturday night and Sunday.  Colorado and southern Wyoming are also looking at a major weather event.  Stay tuned to forecasts if you are traveling in these areas.  

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