Friday, September 27, 2013

Ski Kennecott!

Observations from Alta-Collins suggest that 3-5 inches of snow fell overnight, but the big winner in last night's lake-effect lottery looks to be Oquirrh Mountains and the "hallowed backcountry" owned by Kennecott.

The Dry Fork Snotel (DRFU1) located at 7160 feet just to the north of the Kennecott's open-pit copper mine picked up a fast 7 inches from 4–10 am this morning with about 0.70 inches of snow-water equivalent.

Mountain snow showers and valley rain showers of the lake- and non-lake variety will continue for a few more hours before this event winds down later today.

The best thing that could happen now is that we get a good warmup to melt all this snow.  The last thing we need is a persistent snow cover rotting on north facing aspects and providing all sorts of avalanche booby traps when real winter starts in a few weeks.

Addendum @ 11:30 AM: 

Reports of mixed snow and rain this morning along I-80 near Tooele and accumulating snow in the Oquirrhs down to about 4800 feet.

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