Saturday, August 17, 2013

99 Stinks!

We mentioned yesterday in the previous post that clouds and smoke might make it tough to hit 100 and, although I though we might eke it out, we only hit 99.  What a waste!  99 is the worst temperature psychologically.  It's hot, but 100 sounds so much hotter and it has triple digit bragging rights.  On the cold side, there's really no equivalent, Whether it's 1, 0 or -1, it all sounds damn cold.  Fahrenheit temperatures are bogus for scientists, but there's really nothing on the celsius scale like 100.  40ºC?  Please.  That's really hot (104ºF) but it clearly lacks the cachet of 100.

Further, 100 yesterday would have tied the record for days of 100 or more in a summer.  The wait continues....


  1. If it would make you feel better, we could all use Kelvin like the real scientists do.

    Tommy T.